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My entire professional career I’ve been working in Sports and Football in particular. Football is my passion.




“Football is a game that is unpredictable and complex like no other sport”. It is an invasive team sport in which the ball is always free and the subject for a potential fight. It makes the game continuously variable and sometimes chaotic”.


Football being a worldwide game, played in different countries, cultures, clubs and organisations has also been my working field. 


I’m specialized in stimulating youth to nurture their intelligence in order to improve their potential in this unpredictable game. 

My quality is bringing structure into the game as well as into football organisations while connecting people with different cultural backgrounds. I’m a real people manager.


This took me to jobs in Ajax Amsterdam ( which is known as number 1 in youth development), Aspire Academy (in 10 years we build a National team with 8 homegrown players to win the Asian Cup) and  Altinordu in Turkey ( which has the best youth Academy in Turkey and produces players on the highest level).

Currently I am working in FC Lugano to implement the MBM method in their youth academy.


Other projects are Leicester City, New York, China FA, FC Krasnodar.

The common denominator in all these projects is the Philosophy of Long-Term Athlete Development Pathway.



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