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Most of my life I have been working in an educational and an elite football environment (AC Milan, FC Metz, Standard de Liège, FC Lugano). I have trained and coached many young players to become professional players (Dries Mertens, SSC Napoli - Sven Kums, AA Gent Golden booth Belgium 2015 - Steven Defour, FC Antwerp, Golden booth Belgium 2008) and delivered many courses for the Belgian Football Federation Trainer school and the Flemish Trainer School.

I was also involved in research on motor functioning and sports psychology at the University of Leuven. As a specialist in coordination and running skills I was invited by UEFA to train the European Elite Referees (PL Colina, Markus Merk, KM Nielsen ...).

As lecturer, author and project manager regarding rhythmic cueing, brain centred training and executive functions I have also offered many courses to physiotherapists, teachers in schools for children with learning problems, teachers PE in Mental Institutes and Geriatrics and trainer/coach Special Olympics. 

Both this versatility and specialization of work made it possible to design the            MICHEL BRUYNINCKX METHOD.

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