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Sportcongres Alden Biesen - az Vesalius-

dr. Bart Dingenen (PhD) currently works as a physical therapist at Motion to Balance (Genk, Belgium) and lecturer at Hasselt University (Belgium). Bart has a worldwide reputation and excellence in movement screening, injury prevention, rehabilitation and athletic development. His exceptional approach is based on a combination of more than 10 years of high-level international research and clinical expertise, which is an incredible added value for MBMethod.


Pascal Roosen is one of the most talented youth coaches in Belgium. Through his daily experience working with socially and physically disabled people in the Center of Blankendale, he developed an exceptional empathy for people. He is responsible for the coaching and selection of people wanting to work in the Center.

He has been using MBM for many years to make sure his training strategies are matching with brain functioning. The results of this approach are tremendous and wherever he participates in tournaments with different KRC Genk teams, other European top teams are impressed by his work. That's the reason why so many clubs from other countries and continents come to Belgium to assist his training sessions.

Pascal is one of our most experienced and permanent coaches.

Pascal Roosen

Expert formation

youth football


Brecht Bruyninckx has been educated with the brain centred training principles. From a very young age he has trained many hours with the metronome principle and in that way he became the most skilled demonstrator. His body and ball mastery is high level. He was already invited all over the world to show how MBM as a brain timing resource, improves a player's technical skills and makes it possible to enhance his or her concentration and performance speed. 

Together with his education as a school teacher he started at a very young age to train young kids. From the beginning everybody could see he has got the natural skills to work with children and all over the world where he is working with the MBM team he is praised for his competencies.

Due to his passion for children and his commitment as a young coach, KRC Genk offered him a contract to start working in one of the best professional soccer clubs in Belgium regarding youth development.

Brecht Bruyninckx

Expert pre-formation

youth football

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